Falcon Hexacopter


A Falcon hexacopter, which is a drone equipped with six propellers and six motors, is the prefix “hexa.” The propellers are placed in a circular arrangement around the main body. These hexacopters are great for aerial photography because they can remain stable in the air. The hexacopter has six rotors which gives it added durability. Six propellers give the hexacopter a distinct advantage. Even if one of those propellers fail, the other five can keep the machine flying.

Technical Specification

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Up to 5KM Operational Range 

Up to 50 Minutes Endurance 

Up to 100 Hectares area cover per flight at 120m AGL 

Less than 12.5KG Without Payload 

10 M/S Typical Cruise Speed 

-5*C to + 50*C Functional Temperature Range 

<3 cm X,Y accuracy at 120 m AGL in real-world condition 

<5 cm Z accuracy at 120 m AGL in real-world condition 

Survey-Grade PPK Enabled 

Camera 24MP CMOS sensor

Camera Technical Specification